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Womens' Daily Bonding Hour

25 Feb 2023 0 Comments
Womens' Daily Bonding Hour

Introducing a daily bonding hour exclusively for women! With a wide range of activities to suit different interests and abilities, all women are invited to join in. Just make sure to set up in a private space away from other distractions.

Before starting, gather the necessary items including magazines, a sewing/knitting box, wordsearch/crossword books, playing cards, books on various topics, a sensory box for rummaging, and tea/coffee with biscuits.

Set up the room with different areas for activities, including a table with playing cards or word searches/crosswords, a comfy seating area with magazines/books, and a quiet area with sensory items and the rummage box. Play music that appeals to the group, whether that's country, jazz, or old love songs. Invite the group to choose their preferred activity area and assist with getting activities started.

Encourage participants to switch activities as they like and move around the room to offer support. Serve tea, coffee, and biscuits throughout to keep the conversation flowing. To alleviate pressure, consider making this a drop-in session for women to come and go as they please. Join us for a fun and relaxing time!

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