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Bag of Brushes Activity: Sensory Exploration and Reminiscence Chats

28 Apr 2023 0 Comments
Bag of Brushes Activity: Sensory Exploration and Reminiscence Chats
This activity with a bag of brushes can evoke memories of getting ready for a special occasion or baking with family. It can also provide an opportunity for sensory exploration and reminiscence chats.

To start, gather a selection of brushes such as hairbrushes, nail brushes, paint brushes, pastry brushes, and make-up brushes. Put them in a cloth bag before beginning the activity.

Find a surface near where the person is sitting where the brushes can be laid out. Introduce the activity by holding/touching the person's hand and saying their name.

Encourage the person to feel the cloth bag and suggest they have it on their lap or the table. Gently guide their hand into the bag and suggest they pull out a brush.

As they touch and explore the brush, talk about what it's used for and describe its texture, asking if they like the feel of it. Prompt reminiscence conversations by asking if they've used a similar brush before and in what context.

Encourage the person to pull out another brush and repeat the process. When all the brushes have been taken out, ask if they have a favorite brush.

To finish the activity, ask if they'd like to help put the brushes back in the bag. This simple activity can provide an enjoyable and stimulating experience for the person involved.

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