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Using Sweeping and Dusting as Meaningful Activities in Care Settings

03 Apr 2023 0 Comments
Using Sweeping and Dusting as Meaningful Activities in Care Settings
As people age, they often find themselves falling into a monotonous routine day in and day out. However, when transitioning into a care setting, many of the tasks that they once did for themselves are taken care of for them. For instance, sweeping and dusting may have once been a normal part of everyday life.

Although sweeping and dusting may not be the most exciting of activities, they can be great ways to help people reconnect with their past lives and give them a sense of purpose and achievement. These tasks are also familiar to many, which can help individuals feel more comfortable and at ease.

Sweeping and dusting can be done individually or with others. To begin, you will need a broom and some dusters.

Here are the steps to follow:
1. Ask the person if they would like to clean with a broom or a duster.
2. Allow them to clean wherever they feel needs it most.
3. Avoid sweeping in areas where other people are present, as it could pose a tripping hazard.
4. Play music to make the activity more enjoyable and encourage the individual to sing along as they clean.
5. If they are dusting, there are many surfaces, handles, and rails to clean and polish.
6. If the individual is having difficulty knowing where to start, show them areas that may require attention.
7. Once the person has finished, reward them with a nice cup of tea or other preferred beverages, along with some biscuits.
8. Ensure that you praise and acknowledge their hard work.

By incorporating these simple tasks into their routine, individuals can maintain a sense of purpose and independence while in a care setting.

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