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Touching Fabrics: A Comforting Activity for Individuals

19 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Touching Fabrics: A Comforting Activity for Individuals
Have you ever worn a fur coat, a silk scarf, or a leather jacket? Do you enjoy sewing and working with different fabrics? Touching fabrics can be a comforting activity that can help individuals respond to a single sensory experience without feeling overstimulated. It is a great way to relax and enjoy the familiar sensation of different fabrics.

Here’s what you need for this activity:
A cloth bag
A selection of squares of textured fabrics (at least 2 of each), such as silk, cord, faux fur, suede, and velvet.

Follow these steps to carry out the activity:
a. Before starting the activity, make sure the environment is quiet and uninterrupted.
b. Introduce the activity to the person using their name.
c. Draw their attention to the fabric and say ‘touch’ or ‘feel.’
d. Choose one of the fabrics and take time to move it over their hand/cheek.
e. Ask the person if they like the feel of it. Say ‘doesn’t it feel lovely and soft/silky/furry?’
f. Try using another fabric and take time to stroke the person’s hand/cheek.
g. If the person appears to react positively to any of the fabrics, use that fabric again to move over their hand/cheek.

This activity is a simple and enjoyable way to engage the sense of touch and provide comfort and relaxation to individuals.

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