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Sensory Activity: Bag of Brushes

13 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Sensory Activity: Bag of Brushes
Are you looking for a sensory activity that can evoke memories and provide a calming sensation? This activity with a bag of brushes may be just what you need!

The different types of brushes, such as a hairbrush, nail brush, pastry brush, paint brush, make-up brush, and shaving brush, can bring back memories of getting ready for a night out or baking a pie for the family. Even just holding the handle of a brush can be a pleasant sensation.

To get started, gather a selection of soft brushes and a cloth bag. Find a quiet and uninterrupted environment, and introduce the activity to the person using their name. Draw their attention to the brushes and use words like "touch" or "feel."

Take your time to move the brushes over the person's hand or cheek, and ask if they like the feel of it. Use positive language like "doesn't it feel lovely and soft?" If the person reacts positively to a particular brush, use it again on their hand or cheek. Alternatively, you can give them a brush to hold and suggest "hold" when placing it in their hand.

This activity can help the person respond to a single sensory experience without feeling overwhelmed. It's a great way to connect with someone and provide a calming and enjoyable experience

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