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Aquapaint Sets: The Joy of Mess-Free Painting

01 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Aquapaint Sets: The Joy of Mess-Free Painting

Experience the joy of painting without the mess and hassle! With Aquapaint sets, simply brush water onto the pages to reveal beautiful, colorful images. Once the water dries, the image disappears, so you can use the sets over and over again.

These sets are ideal for people at a sensory level due to the simple, single-step nature of the activity, but they're also perfect for those who enjoy exploratory play. Each set includes five different images, carefully chosen to inspire conversation and memories.

To get started, you'll need Aquapaint sets, paintbrushes, and a shallow dish or jar. Follow these steps:
1. Clear a table of any clutter and invite everyone to sit together. If someone can't sit at the table, bring the activity to them on a tray.
2. Display a selection of Aquapaint packs and let everyone choose the image they'd like to paint.
3. Provide a quick demonstration by painting water onto the page to show how the image magically appears.
4. Ensure that everyone has their own set, and pass around the brushes and water pots. If someone is using a tray, be sure to give them a shallow water container to prevent spills.
5. Encourage each person to paint independently and reassure them that going outside the lines is okay.
6. Offer words of praise as the images start to appear.
7. Walk around the table and ask each person a few questions about their image to trigger memories. For those with speech difficulties, offer positive comments and ask yes or no questions.
8. Give everyone time to enjoy their completed image.

For an extra touch, play music or sounds that match the theme of the images. Enjoy the fun and creative experience of Aquapaint sets without any of the mess!

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