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Sketch and Guess: A Fun Group Activity for All Ages

31 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Sketch and Guess: A Fun Group Activity for All Ages
This fun group activity doesn't require you to be an artist, but it does require concentration and a willingness to have fun with sketching. It's best played with six people, each taking turns to describe how an object should be drawn without using its name, while someone else sketches it for the group to guess.

To play, you'll need a list of simple objects (or pictures) and a flipchart with coloured pens. Ask one person to be the "describer" and another to be the "drawer." Give the describer a word and ask them to describe how to draw it to the drawer step by step without explicitly saying what it is. For example, if the object is an orange, the first suggestion might be "draw a circle."

As the sketcher draws, the rest of the group can shout out guesses as to what the object might be. Once the correct answer is guessed, the describer will stop. Swap the roles of the describer and drawer and start on the next object.

This activity is sure to provide a lot of fun, and you can play it over and over again. So gather your group of friends, get your pens ready, and let the games begin!

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