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Transforming Empty Jars into Stylish Decorative Containers

12 May 2023 0 Comments
Transforming Empty Jars into Stylish Decorative Containers
Upcycle Your Empty Jars into Stylish Decorative Containers

If you find yourself with an abundance of jam and pickle jars piling up in your cupboard, don't fret! We have an exciting activity that will transform them into beautiful decorative containers using simple materials like fabric scraps and glue. Whether you want to create a charming vase for flowers, a handy pot for pens, or a versatile case for odds and ends, this creative project will surely impress. Just remember to keep the lids!

Here's what you'll need:
1. Glass jars
2. Decorative fabric scraps (roughly cut into 3cm-4cm squares)
3. PVA glue

Let's get started with the activity:
1. Gather the glass jars and place them in the middle of a table. Let each person participating choose a jar they would like to decorate.
2. As a fun icebreaker, you can play a quick guessing game. Ask everyone to speculate on the jar's previous contents or what they personally would have liked to find inside (e.g., their favorite jam flavor).
3. Sort the fabric scraps into color-coded piles, making it easier for everyone to select their preferred materials.
4. Encourage each person to choose a selection of fabric scraps that catch their eye and match their creative vision.
5. Begin decorating the jar by applying a small section of PVA glue and attaching one piece of fabric onto it.
6. Repeat the process by applying glue to another small section and attaching another piece of fabric. Continue this layering technique until the entire jar is covered, ensuring that the fabric pieces overlap for a textured look.
7. Once the fabric is applied, apply a final layer of glue over the entire jar to seal the fabric and provide a glossy finish. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.
8. Now, enjoy using your transformed jars to hold various items or consider giving them away as thoughtful gifts to friends and family.

By repurposing your empty jars into these stylish and personalized containers, you not only reduce waste but also add a touch of charm to your living space. Get creative and have fun while making something beautiful out of everyday objects!

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