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QU-iz Fun: A Word Game That Challenges Cognitive Skills

04 Mar 2023 0 Comments
QU-iz Fun: A Word Game That Challenges Cognitive Skills
Quizzes can be a fun way to exercise cognitive skills. While it can be competitive, it's important to emphasize that getting the answers wrong is okay - what matters is the mental stimulation!

This quiz has an added twist - all the answers begin with the letters QU. There are surprisingly many, so give it a try just for fun or make it a competition and offer a small prize for the winner. If someone prefers to take the quiz on their own, a question sheet is available, and you can share the answers with them afterwards.

To conduct the quiz, gather a group or sit with someone one-on-one. If playing as a group, read the questions aloud, or take turns if playing one-on-one. Encourage everyone to make guesses, even if it takes multiple tries. Congratulate every attempt, even if the answer is wrong, as it's still a good mental exercise.

If playing competitively, keep score and award a small prize to the winner. Afterward, spend some time discussing other words that begin with QU. Materials for the quiz can be found by tapping the "Email Resources" button. Have fun!

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