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Name Game: A Fun and Creative Way to Describe Personalities

09 Apr 2023 0 Comments
Name Game: A Fun and Creative Way to Describe Personalities
To play this fun and creative game, all you need is a name and a few friends. The goal is to use the letters of the name to find words that describe the person's character. For example, if the name is "Jon," Jon might describe himself as jolly, organized, and nice. To add some humor and debate to the game, encourage friends to join in too!

To play this game, you will need a pen and paper. You can also use a set of cards with words that describe character, which you can receive by tapping the "Email Resources" button to have them delivered to your inbox.

To start the game, each person writes their name on a piece of paper with the letters stacked vertically in a row. Then, they think of words that best describe themselves that start with each letter. If they're struggling to come up with words, they can use the set of prepared words to help inspire them.

Finally, each person shares their chosen words with the group, and everyone can discuss whether they ring true. You can also throw other words into the mix to make the game even more fun and engaging.

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