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How to Make a Shell Picture Fram

14 Mar 2023 0 Comments
How to Make a Shell Picture Fram
Transforming the shells you've picked up from the beach into a charming picture frame is an excellent way to preserve your cherished memories or give a thoughtful gift to a loved one. This activity is straightforward and calming, and it will undoubtedly evoke lovely seaside recollections.

What You'll Need:
1. A variety of shells (not too big)
2. Old wooden frames with broad edges measuring 2cm+
3. Robust glue (wood glue is recommended)
4. Coloured paints (acrylic is the best choice)
5. Transparent nail polish

The Steps:
1. Arrange all of the shells and frames on the table.
2. Encourage the individual or group to peruse the shells and take the time to feel their textures and shapes.
3. Apply glue to a small section of the frame.
4. Encourage the person to place the shells on the glue in any manner they choose.
5. Continue until the frame is entirely covered, and they are content with the result.
6. Inquire if they prefer to retain the shells' natural hue or paint them.
7. If they choose to paint the shells, suggest that they choose their preferred colors and paint them, then let them dry.
8. If they prefer to leave the shells uncolored, simply apply a layer of transparent nail polish over the top for a glossy finish.

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