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Food Packaging Nostalgia: A Trip Down Memory Lane

16 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Food Packaging Nostalgia: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Let's reminisce about the food we used to keep in our kitchen cupboards and take a trip down memory lane. This activity allows us to revisit familiar products and their packaging while encouraging us to think about their prices in the past versus today. Through this activity, we hope to evoke memories of home and warm family meals.

To begin, you'll need empty tins and packaging of store cupboard products or images of them. If you use packaging, be sure to cover any price tags with stickers. To obtain a selection of images, press the "Email Resources" button below the image above.

Here's how to conduct the activity:
1. Gather the group around a table.
2. Place all of the food packaging or images on the table.
3. Ask someone to choose a food package and encourage the group to share their memories of it and whether they like it or not.
4. Take them back to the 1960s and ask them how much they think it would have cost.
5. Bring them back to the present and ask them what they believe it costs now.
6. Show the group the actual price and ask for their thoughts on the price difference.
7. Move on to the next person and ask them to choose something, then invite everyone to discuss the item and its price.
8. Keep the activity going for as long as everyone is entertained.

We hope this activity will bring back fond memories and provide an enjoyable experience for all participants.

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