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36-piece Jigsaw Puzzles

27 Feb 2023 0 Comments
36-piece Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles can be a challenging and enjoyable cognitive exercise, but for individuals with dementia, it can be frustrating to tackle large and complicated puzzles. To accommodate their needs, we have designed 36 Piece Jigsaws that are perfect for those who have enjoyed puzzles in the past but struggle with 64 pieces.

With the larger pieces, individuals can complete the puzzle independently, which creates a greater sense of achievement and pride. Furthermore, the images can be nostalgic and bring back memories, especially if the theme is familiar to them. The puzzles also include questions inside the box to encourage conversation and engagement.

To use the 36 Piece Jigsaws, simply follow these steps:

1. Offer a selection of puzzles to the individual
2. Find a clear table or armchair and provide a tray for the puzzle to be completed inside the box
3. Arrange the puzzle pieces evenly around the box
4. Explain the task of recreating the image in the lid of the box
5. Encourage the individual to start with the corner pieces and move to the edges
6. Provide suggestions on where a piece might fit or encourage them to look at the image for guidance
7. Praise the individual when they get a piece in the right place
8. Continue until the puzzle is complete
9. Allow the individual time to admire their finished work
10. Use the questions provided in the box or create your own conversation based on the image

Additionally, the puzzle themes can lead to other activities, such as a Sunshine Beach if the individual enjoys the Outdoor activity Market puzzle. The 36 Piece Jigsaws are an excellent way for individuals with dementia to enjoy a favorite pastime with ease and comfort.

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