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64-piece Jigsaw Puzzles

21 Feb 2023 0 Comments
64-piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Our 64 Piece Jigsaws are the perfect solution for people with dementia who may find larger puzzles too challenging. With bigger pieces, they offer the same sense of accomplishment and joy, while being more manageable.

The lovely images on the puzzles may even evoke fond memories, and you can use the questions provided or create your own to spark conversations.

To start, encourage the person to choose a puzzle and find a clear surface to work on. Arrange the pieces around the box and guide the person to start with the corner pieces, moving to the edges and then filling in the rest.

Praise them as they complete the puzzle and take time to admire the finished product. You can then use the puzzle theme as a starting point for other activities, such as creating a flower arrangement or having a dance party.

Our Relish 64 Piece Jigsaws are a wonderful way to engage and stimulate those with dementia, while offering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.


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