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Pudding Match-Up: A Fun Exercise for Memory and Nostalgia

04 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Pudding Match-Up: A Fun Exercise for Memory and Nostalgia

Let's play a game of pudding match-up! This fun and simple exercise is perfect for individuals or small groups, and not only challenges the mind but also allows for some nostalgia-inducing reminiscing.

To get started, you'll need approximately 30 cards with dessert names written in two parts, such as "APPLE" on one card and "CRUMBLE" on another. Other dessert options with two-part names include "Eton Mess," "Fruit Fool," "Arctic Roll," "Rice Pudding," "Spotted Dick," "Victoria Sponge," and more. You can also download additional resources to use in the game.

Gather around a table and lay out the cards with the names facing up. The first person can choose a card and try to find its match. Once they have found a pair, the next person can take a turn. As you play, take the opportunity to talk about the different puddings and the memories they bring back. Keep going until all the matches have been made.

To make the game a little easier, you can place all the first-word cards to the left and the second-word cards to the right. Enjoy!

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