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How to Host a Small Tea Party for a Comfortable Gathering

13 Mar 2023 0 Comments
How to Host a Small Tea Party for a Comfortable Gathering
Socializing in large groups can be overwhelming for those with a quieter disposition or lack of confidence. However, the idea of hosting a special tea party for just three or four people can work wonders in making everyone feel valued and comfortable. Plus, who doesn't love a spot of tea and a delicious slab of cake? Here's how to host your own:

What you'll need:
1. Tea and coffee, along with cakes and biscuits.
2. A small table decorated with cups and saucers or mugs, depending on your group's preferences.
3. A few quick activities for people to enjoy, such as reading the newspaper, writing poetry, playing a quiz, or using reminiscence cards for a discussion.

The activity:
1. Invite your small group to join together in a quiet and private space.
2. Welcome everyone as they arrive, seat them at the table, and encourage introductions.
3. Make everyone feel special by taking orders for teas and coffees cafe-style.
4. After serving refreshments, sit with the group and encourage conversation.
5. If someone doesn't feel up to chatting or would rather sit quietly, check in with them every now and then to make sure they don't feel excluded.
6. Depending on the mood and abilities of your group, introduce a small activity like reading through the newspaper and discussing daily topics, reading seasonally-appropriate poetry, hosting a non-competitive quiz, or sharing pictures to spark memories.
7. Once everyone's finished their drinks and had a lovely time, don't forget to arrange another date to do it all over again!

Hosting a small tea party is an easy way to connect with others and make everyone feel comfortable and valued. So gather your favorite people, make some tea, and enjoy each other's company.

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