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How to Bring the Fun of Beach Volleyball Indoors

23 Mar 2023 0 Comments
How to Bring the Fun of Beach Volleyball Indoors
Bring the fun of beach volleyball to your living room with this engaging and entertaining activity. It's a fantastic way to stretch your arms and legs while engaging with others and creating plenty of giggles. Plus, it can be done while sitting or standing, with the slow-moving balloons keeping the pace gentle.

You can set up this activity in just minutes with a single inflated balloon. Here's what you'll need:
1. Large, brightly colored inflated balloons
2. Small bats the size of a fly swatter (optional)
3. Lively music


      To get started, gather everyone into a circle or split them into two rows facing each other, depending on the group's mobility. Distribute small bats to each person (optional) or allow them to use their hands. Then, simply say, "I'm going to throw the balloon up into the air, and if it comes your way, hit it! We want to bounce the balloons back and forth, so everyone has a turn."

      Put on some upbeat music and let the game begin! Keep it going for as long as everyone is able, taking a break halfway through if needed. With just a few simple supplies and some good company, you can enjoy the fun of beach volleyball in any room of your home.

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