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1960s Film Quiz and Discussion Activity

01 Mar 2023 0 Comments
1960s Film Quiz and Discussion Activity
This activity is all about 1960s films. The quiz involves completing the titles of some of the decade's most popular movies. You will be given the first few words of each title and you need to come up with the rest. It's a fun activity to do alone or with a group. You can use the quiz provided, which can be found by tapping the "Email Resources" button. If you want, you can offer a prize to the winner.

To start, gather the group or give a copy of the quiz to the individual. Take the time to reminisce about going to the cinema in the 60s. You can ask questions like, "What was it like?" or "What was your favorite memory of the cinema or favorite film?"

Read out the first few words of the first film title and see if anyone can guess what it is. Keep score and give a prize to the winner at the end. If people are having trouble guessing the title, you can try telling them the name of the film's stars to jog their memory.

Finally, finish off the session by watching a film and passing around popcorn or sweets if everyone is interested. Have fun!

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