Understanding Mirror Reactions in Alzheimer's Patients: Causes and Pre – Pitoies
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Understanding Mirror Reactions in Alzheimer's Patients: Causes and Precautionary Measures

01 May 2023 0 Comments
Understanding Mirror Reactions in Alzheimer's Patients: Causes and Precautionary Measures

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Alzheimer's patients' behavior when talking to mirrors

Caregivers or family members of Alzheimer's patients sometimes notice them talking to themselves in front of a bathroom mirror. At first, family members might not pay much attention, thinking that the patient was merely talking to themselves, and since it did not happen frequently, they ignored it. However, over time, they may notice that the patient not only speaks to the mirror but also to their shadow on the TV and their reflection in the window when it gets dark. This behavior is known as a mirror reaction.

Mirror reaction is an abnormal behavior that occurs in various types of dementia patients. Initially, they talk to their reflection in the mirror, and as the condition worsens, they may show various emotional reactions during these conversations, such as happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. In severe cases, patients may even display aggressive behavior towards their reflection.

If you have an elderly family member who displays mirror reactions, it is recommended to cover mirrors and TVs with cloth when they are not in use and to paste window paper on home windows to prevent the patient from seeing their own reflection. Additionally, be sure to lock up sharp objects in your home to avoid accidents.

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