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Late-Stage Care for Alzheimer's Patients: Maintaining Safety and Comfort

03 May 2023 0 Comments
Late-Stage Care for Alzheimer's Patients: Maintaining Safety and Comfort
In the late stage, the person with Alzheimer's (TA) will be confined to a room or even a bed, losing interest in everything around them and unable to recognize anything or anyone. Their skin will lose elasticity and become easily damaged, their joints will become stiff and fragile, and they may be bedridden, leading to pressure sores and infections. Our goal is to provide TA with safety and comfort.

1. Maintaining Healthy Bones and Skin
When touching TA, use a lighter touch; change their position or turn them over every 2 hours to reduce pressure on any one part of the body; use pillows or cushions to protect their joints, apply body lotion to the joints, and help TA keep their joints moving every day. Keep the skin clean, scrub regularly, and check for abrasions, redness, lumps, etc. Pay attention to moisturizing the skin, change bedding in time, and carefully sweep the bed every day to avoid hard objects and debris that may hurt the skin.

2. Maintaining Bowel and Bladder Function
Monitor the timing of going to the toilet, remind and assist in going to the toilet in time. If incontinence is frequent, use diapers, clean and ventilate in time. Monitor the stool situation, adjust diet and drinking water appropriately to avoid long-term constipation. Check regularly to maintain TA's cleanliness.

3. Ensuring Safe Eating
In the late stage of dementia, TA may no longer pay attention to eating and drinking. If chewing and swallowing are difficult, the risk of hiccups and choking will increase. It is necessary to adjust to a sitting position before feeding and maintain a sitting position for half an hour after eating. Give TA plenty of time to eat, do not urge or force them. Choose and adjust food suitable for TA, such as crushed or paste food, and check if food has been swallowed before feeding the next meal. If there is a risk of choking, try to make the liquid thicker. Familiarize yourself with the first aid method for choking and always be prepared to prevent the risk of choking.

4. Recognizing Pain and Illness
Learn to look for signs of pain, such as pale skin, flushed skin, dry and pale gums, mouth sores, vomiting, fever, etc. Do not ignore swelling in any part of the body, which may indicate something serious. Observe changes in expression and behavior, such as anxiety, agitation, shouting, and sleep problems, which can all be signs of pain or discomfort.

5. Preventing Infection and Pneumonia
Keeping the mouth and teeth clean can reduce the bacteria that cause infection. Brush their teeth after every meal to ensure that the gums, tongue, and oral mucosa are clean. Drink plenty of water every day to keep their mouth moist and prevent dry lips. Treat wounds and scars promptly to prevent infection. Pay attention to the room temperature, put on and take off clothes in time, keep them warm after wiping, and prevent colds. During flu season, nurses should wash their hands frequently to avoid cross-infection. If nurses have a cold or diarrhea, they should try to rest as much as possible and avoid contact with people with poor resistance, such as elderly bedridden patients.

Alzheimer's disease can take away a person's memory, thinking, and ability to move, but it doesn't destroy the love of life. Even at the end of life, TA can still feel the love and care given by the caregiver.

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