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Daily Care Tips for People with Dementia

05 Apr 2023 0 Comments
Daily Care Tips for People with Dementia

Q: How to take daily care of someone with dementia?

The level of quality of life and the length of survival time for people with dementia are closely related to their nursing care. Therefore, we must attach great importance to caring for them in the following ways:

(1) Diet care:
Elderly patients with dementia should avoid eating too quickly to prevent coughing or accidents. At the same time, attention should be paid to increasing their intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain smooth bowel movements.

(2) Life care:
Ensure that they have adequate rest and sleep time, maintain good personal hygiene habits, and turn bedridden patients over regularly and pat their backs to prevent the occurrence of pressure sores.


(3) Functional training:
For patients in the early and middle stages of dementia, functional training can be used to improve their self-care abilities, such as counting, playing cards, doing some simple housework, participating in social exchanges, and cultural and sports activities.

(4) Safety nursing:
For patients with moderate and severe dementia, always pay attention to their safety. Do not let them go out alone to prevent them from getting lost. It is best to put a card with their name, address, and contact number in their pocket, so they can be easily found if they get lost. When walking, someone should support them to prevent falls and injuries. Protective rails can be installed on their bed, and they should avoid choking on food by eating slowly. Medicines should be kept properly and not swallowed by mistake.

(5) Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of physical illnesses:
People with dementia are often unresponsive and cannot self-report physical discomfort. Therefore, pay attention to their diet, daily life, and changes in their urine and stool. If any abnormalities are found, they should be sent to the hospital for examination and treatment in a timely manner.

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