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Understanding and Caring for Elderly Individuals with Dementia: A Comprehensive Guide

16 May 2023 0 Comments
Understanding and Caring for Elderly Individuals with Dementia: A Comprehensive Guide
Senile dementia, also known as Alzheimer's disease, is the most common type of dementia in the early stages of old age, and usually occurs around the age of 65. It is difficult to be discovered by family members in the early stage, and even if symptoms appear, they are relatively mild. Late symptoms are typical and easy to spot.

Patients with dementia first show memory loss, especially in the early stage, mainly recent memory loss, manifested as being easy to forget and forget about daily things or things they come into contact with.

The second is visuospatial impairment, which is manifested in that the patient cannot find the door after going out, or cannot find the room after going to the toilet at home.

The third is the problem of language function. Some patients may experience aphasia, apraxia, and agnosia.

The fourth is the problem of comprehensive analysis and logical ability.

The fifth is a change in personality and behavior. Depression, a bad temper, and irritability may appear in the early stage.

Advanced patients may change from loving cleanliness to not loving cleanliness, being unkempt, defecating anywhere, and some patients even have erratic crying and coma. When taking care of such elderly people, we first need to carefully observe their performance in all aspects, whether they have memory loss, depression, or a bad temper.

Second, exercise their brains, help them recall good things, let them do what they can, and improve their cognitive ability.

Third, they themselves know that their memory or calculation ability is getting worse and worse, and their hearts are also very painful. We need to help them patiently so that their memory will disappear slowly. You can chat with them more and help them record their memories.

Fourth, spend more time with them so that they can divert their attention when they lose their temper. Put in the effort to help them take their medication on time, and be patient, just like you would with your own child.

I hope that every elderly person can be healthy and happy and spend their old age in peace!

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