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Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

23 Apr 2023 0 Comments
Understanding Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system that typically occurs in old age and is characterized by progressive cognitive dysfunction and behavioral impairment.

Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease:
1. Memory impairment
2. Aphasia
3. Disability
4. Agnosia
5. Impairment of visuospatial skills
6. Executive dysfunction
7. Personality and behavior changes

Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease:
1. Early stage:
Easily getting lost, losing temper, difficulty speaking, short-term memory loss.
2. Mid-term:
Inability to carry out daily tasks, lack of coherent speech, hallucinations.
3. Late stage:
Forgetting loved ones, self-forgetfulness, loss of self-care, unresponsiveness, loss of long-term memory.

Causes of the disease:
1. Family history: Most epidemiological studies suggest that having a family history of the disease is a risk factor.
2. Some physical diseases: Such as thyroid disease, immune system disease, epilepsy, etc.
3. Head trauma: Head trauma resulting in a disturbance of consciousness.
4. Other factors: Social and psychological factors such as widowhood, living alone, economic difficulties, and life stressors can increase the risk of onset.

People at risk:
Depressed individuals, elderly individuals, people with high blood pressure, overweight individuals, and those with a family history.

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