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Effective Reminiscence Activities for Dementia Care

07 May 2023 0 Comments
Effective Reminiscence Activities for Dementia Care
Reminiscence Activities for Dementia Care

Sub-Recall Therapy is currently an effective artificially-induced therapy for long-term memory consolidation in dementia patients.

Activity Principles:
1. Personal Relevance: In selecting recalled materials, emphasize the strong relevance of the recalled content to the patient's past experiences.

2. Multi-Sensory Mobilization: Review content can be expressed through oral, visual, taste, smell, touch, and other sensory stimuli.

3. Pain Point Avoidance: Try to avoid triggering negative memories or life pain points of the elderly when leading them in memory activities at home.

4. Strengthen Pleasant Memory: Pay attention to the content of the elder's proud and happy recollections, and repeat them in the future.

Recommended Memory Activities:
Flip through Photo Albums Together: The photo album can use the original family photo album or create a character photo album, life photo album, and happiness photo album.

Creation of Character Albums:
1. List the names of people who are deeply remembered in the old man's life through known and inquiry, and classify them according to relatives and social relations.

2. Arrange the relationship between family members represented by a tree diagram, and find a photo of each family member. Record the names of family members whose photographs cannot be found.

3. Paste the character relationship album, using a large-page photo album with adhesive as a carrier to connect the character relationship passed down from generation to generation, with the elderly as the central character. Add special characteristics next to each character derived from the summary of the words immediately after the elder mentions the person. For individuals without a photo, paste the description directly.

4. Add a page that includes family members the elderly often comes into contact with, using a large picture on this page without a description.

5. After the character album is established, take the elderly to review the character once a week. In this way, the long-term memory of the elderly with dementia can be consolidated, and the degeneration rate of the elderly's memory can be observed in time, helping to better observe the progress of the elderly's condition.

Creation of Life Photo Album:
1.Write down important life events and the time of occurrence that you have learned about the elderly.

2. Communicate with the elderly based on the content you wrote, and gradually enrich and record important stories and events in their life.

3. Sort out photo materials and perform photo matching based on previously recorded important events. Appropriately replace missing parts with related images.

4. Arrange the photo inserts chronologically, or use a paste-type album to organize them by time period. Avoid overfilling with content, and leave room for additional content.

5. Regularly guide reading.

Happiness Photo Album:
Include content that warms the elderly, such as video clips or recently added photos that have not yet made it into the life album. Be patient and take the elderly to watch it repeatedly. Add parts that the elderly particularly likes to the life album.

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