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Distinguishing Forgetfulness from Early Alzheimer's Disease: 4 Key Differences

22 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Distinguishing Forgetfulness from Early Alzheimer's Disease: 4 Key Differences
There are distinct differences between forgetfulness and early Alzheimer's disease. Here are four key ways in which they differ:

  • Partial amnesia & recent event memory impairment: Senile amnesia is partial and can be recalled after being reminded, while the recent event memory impairment of senile dementia is complete and cannot be recalled even with reminders.
  • Cognitive ability without impairment & time and place computing ability impairment: Those with senile amnesia have normal cognitive ability and their daily behavior aligns with common sense. On the other hand, senile dementia patients often exhibit cognitive impairment, lack a sense of time and place, struggle with simple calculations, and have disordered thinking.
  • The elderly with normal mood & indifference, no desire and forgetfulness: Although the elderly with normal forgetfulness may have trouble remembering things, they maintain normal emotional responses and retain hobbies and interests. In contrast, elderly patients with dementia often become apathetic, depressed, and lack basic emotional expression.
  • Clear thinking & confusion and forgetfulness: The elderly possess clear thinking, language expression ability, and logical analysis ability. Conversely, elderly dementia patients frequently experience confusion in thinking, have poor language and expression, are unwilling to communicate with others, engage in self-talk, and lack sound reasoning and analysis abilities.

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