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Traveling with Alzheimer's Patients: Precautions and Tips for a Memorable Trip

19 Apr 2023 0 Comments
Traveling with Alzheimer's Patients: Precautions and Tips for a Memorable Trip
In order to delay the development of Alzheimer's disease in our parents, in addition to providing daily companionship, we should also create and find memories with him in the limited time left with our family. Here are some considerations for other family members who may be considering traveling with someone with Alzheimer's disease.

1. Clothes: Bring extra pairs of underwear, or consider disposable underwear. During the trip, parents are reminded to go to the bathroom every half hour, but sometimes he forgets or doesn't want to go. A late bathroom break could cause him to need a change of underwear, so it's wise to bring an extra pair.

2. Dining: When traveling, you may be tempted to try local cuisine, but keep in mind that Alzheimer's medications can irritate patient’s stomach. It is recommended to pack some over-the-counter medicines such as gastrointestinal medicine.

3. Accommodation: Choose a hotel closer to the main attractions or the city center to reduce the time required for daytime activities and make travel more enjoyable.

4. Transportation: It is best to avoid crowded public transportation and choose taxis or other private transportation to minimize discomfort for people with dementia.

5. Luggage: Consider bringing a backpack instead of a suitcase for easy portability. When changing hotels or cities, there are often lockers to store luggage, which can be said to be very convenient.

6. Other considerations: When it's time to go to the bathroom, keep an eye on his locator chart while waiting for his parents outside. It is recommended to consider buying a positioning watch for their Alzheimer's patients as it can be very helpful.

Reminisce: Visit places the patient may have visited when they were younger and look at old photos together to enhance their memory and encourage conversation. Listening to their stories is also good for their brain activity.

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