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Daily Care and Psychological Support for Alzheimer's Disease Patients

25 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Daily Care and Psychological Support for Alzheimer's Disease Patients

Let's talk about how to care for Alzheimer's disease daily!


(A) Daily care


1. Clothing
Choose loose and soft clothes that are suitable for taking off and wearing
Avoid too many buttons, sleeves and trouser legs that are too long. Arrange the clothes in order and place them in a fixed position to encourage patients with mild dementia to dress independently.

2. Residence
Patients may have poor adaptability to the environment, so it is necessary to ensure that the living environment is absolutely safe and clean. Place items according to patients' preferences, with eye-catching signs, and dangerous items are prohibited.

3. Defecation
If you have constipation, drink plenty of hot water for abdominal massage in time, if the effect is not good, take laxative measures in time. Most patients have incontinence, so they need to be reminded by the nursing staff to defecate regularly.

4. Sleep

a)Create a comfortable sleeping environment and avoid drinking a lot of water before going to bed. You can use teabags to ditch your feet and a small cup of warm milk to help you sleep before going to bed, or you can massage the soles of your feet to relax your body and mind.

b)For mentally excited patients, sleep time should be arranged reasonably. Rational use of sleeping pills for patients with insomnia. For patients who sleep more during the day and sleepless at night, it is necessary to reasonably control the amount of sleep during the day, and some activities can be used to distract attention.

    (B) Psychological support


    1. Promoting Brain Health in the Elderly
    Prevent mental decline and brain atrophy; encourage the elderly to participate in social activities and communicate more with their brains. It can increase brain metabolism and blood return, and has a certain effect on preventing brain atrophy.

    2. Promoting Mental Wellness in the Elderly
    Keep a healthy mind and avoid excessive stress; tell the elderly
    No matter the situation, maintain a good attitude and avoid excessive emotions. Caregivers also need psychological counseling for the elderly.

    3. Encouraging Healthy Living Habits
    Develop good living habits; assist the elderly to develop good living habits, go to bed early and get up early, calm down, and actively treat.

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