Personal Journey

Once, our founder's beloved grandmother, a passionate artist, was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's disease. She expressed her hope to live and die with dignity, sparking a quest to find products that could help. Yet, the market offered only children's toys and poorly made goods, none suitable for an aging artist.


Although we are only a small team, we take every product seriously. Every detail, whether it's the product itself or even the packaging, has been carefully considered. We hope that when elderly people see our puzzles, they perceive them as exquisite gifts, rather than products labeled for people with dementia.

The Birth of Pitoies

After reading a large number of research reports on dementia patients, Noah summarized the vision and understanding ability characteristics of elderly people with dementia. He began to try to find his artist friends to collaborate and create a unique jigsaw puzzle product for elderly people with dementia. This is how Pitoies was born!


After three years of the COVID-19 epidemic, we know that some people are struggling with depression. Therefore, we have decided to donate a certain percentage of our annual income to nursing homes that need our special attention. We will announce which institutions we have donated to in the future. We hope that our contribution will be meaningful!