Gift a Puzzle, Spark a Smile!

Activity Introduction:

We believe in the power of community and generosity, especially when it comes to our loved ones suffering from dementia. If you know of an elderly person living in a nursing home who could benefit from our specially designed puzzles, we're here to help.

These puzzles are more than just games - they are tools designed to stimulate memories, bring joy, and improve quality of life for those battling dementia. Here's how you can make a difference:

1.Email Application:

Send us an email at with the full address of the dementia nursing home and the recipient's information.

We want to personalize this process and make sure our gifts reach those who need them most.

2. Review & Verification:

Our team will review your submission, verifying the authenticity of the nursing home's address.

3. The Gift of Giving:

Once everything checks out, we'll randomly select nursing homes from the submissions received and send our dementia-friendly puzzles as gifts.

4. Stay Informed:

You're a part of this process. We'll keep you updated on the delivery status of your gift.

Important to Note:

- To ensure we reach as many nursing homes as possible, we only accept applications for delivery addresses from such facilities.

- To maintain fairness, each user can only apply once.

Join us in our mission to brighten the lives of our most vulnerable. Let's give the gift of joy together.