Is Parkinson's just about shaking hands?

Is Parkinson's just about shaking hands?

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Parkinson's disease is not just about tremors.

There are ten signs of Parkinson's disease that you can check for yourself by answering the following questions:

● Do you notice a slight tremor in your hands or jaw?
● Is your handwriting smaller than before?
● Do you have trouble smelling certain foods?
● Do you toss and turn in bed when you sleep or dream?
● Do you feel stiffness in your body, arms, or legs?
● Do you have difficulty with defecation?
● Has anyone said that your voice is very low or sounds hoarse?
● Has anyone ever said that you have an expressionless face and don't blink?
● Do you get dizzy when you stand up from a chair?
● Can't you stand up straight like you used to?

If you answer "Yes" to three or more of the above questions, it is recommended that you visit the Department of Neurology for further clinical examination.

Early diagnosis and treatment are key to managing Parkinson's disease. Drug treatment is the first choice, and timing of disease-modifying treatment is critical in improving symptoms and delaying the progression of the disease.